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Low-consumption House for sale Brunssum, Maarstraat 9, 6444 KR.

Following high demands and the newest standards, we installed the most efficient systems to bring your daily costs of living to a total of 0€.

What is more, we solved all the technical problems that are common in other houses on the market.

Get in touch with us because this is the House for sale Brunssum without additional real estate agent (makelaars) fees.

Please, forgive us for the translation, but Dutch is not our prime language.

Eco-friendly solutions

Most households spend on average 30% on heating the water. We know that and to remove the cost from the bill we installed the most efficient system for heating the water.

This house has a Solar heater with a 240L container to provide warm water to the whole family.

Electricity Efficiency

This house has photovoltaic panels providing 4000 kWh. This should fulfill all electrical needs. There is also a possibility of installing additional panels in the future because there is plenty of space to install them.

It’s possible to go off-grid to pay 0€ for the electricity.

Energy Saving

A properly insulated house lowers your bills. We prepared an efficient house for long and problem-free living with 25cm of high-quality insulation.


House for sale Brunssum, 6444 KR, Maarstraat 9

This beautiful and spacious house for sale is located on Maarstraat street in Brunssum. The house has a living area of 271 m2 and is situated on a spacious plot with an area of 670 m2. The house was built in 1939.

Maarstraat 9 is located near Klingelsberg. This is a child-friendly neighborhood with relatively many families. Furthermore, it is a relatively quiet neighborhood considering the population density.

The house is easily accessible, with many amenities nearby. Furthermore, it is located within cycling distance of the center of Brunssum. In addition, the nearest exit road in the vicinity is only a 1-minute drive away.


Reachability Score

Railway Station

15 min cycling
4.47 km

Bus Stop

5 min walk
0.40 km

City Centre

8 min cycling
2.26 km

Highway Exit

1 min drive


5 min cycling
1.42 km


8 min walk
0.61 km

Primary Education

8 min walk
0.62 km

Secondary Education

6 min cycling
1.52 km

House Features

Immediately available
Kind of house
Single-family house, detached house
Plot size
670 m2
Living area
271 m2
Other space
70 m2
Big garden house
Number of living rooms
1 living room on the ground floor
1 living room on the upper floor
1 living room/kids play room in the attic
Number of bedrooms
1 master bedroom
2 regular bedrooms
1 small bedroom
Number of toilets
1 guest toilet
Number of bathrooms
Number of basements
1 smaller basement for food storage
1 big basement for wine or any other storage
Number of garden storage
Garden storage with entrance from the garden next to the driveway in the back
Spacious garage for 1 big car or 2 small cars
additional space for small hobby area
Type of parking facilities
3 Parking lots
1 parking space in front of the garage
1 parking space for small car or motorcycle on the side of the house
long drive way behind the house for up to 3 cars

Short story

We came to the Brunssum area in 2013. We enjoyed this place from the moment we arrived. For the first 5 years, we got to know the area, we got to know the local culture and cuisine. After this period, we decided to buy a house, the one we present on this website. Unfortunately, everything happened right before COVID and the problems it caused. In addition, the war in Ukraine started this year, which made matters even more complicated. And if that was not enough, our personal situation has changed, forcing us to leave Brunssum.

What do we offer?

Despite many doubts, we decided to sell this wonderful house where we spent many hours restoring its glory and splendor. Therefore, if you are looking for the best home for you, you have already found it. Moreover, you can buy it without additional fees – just contact us.

As you can read on the kadastralekaart, this house was built in 1939 and is now the largest on the street. My wife and I saw its potential immediately during our first visit. Nevertheless, it took a lot of work to rediscover it again. See for yourself by checking a few photos that will reveal the enormous amount of work and effort we put into it.


We would also like to take the opportunity to thank our friends for their indispensable help with the renovation.

If you contact us nowwe will adopt modifications to your needs.This is the last moment, so don't waste this opportunity.

House Improvements

Solved water problem

During the first visit, there was around 10cm of water in the basement. We asked for an investigation regarding the foundation, and the investigating company informed us that the foundation is ok, but the water problem has to be solved. That was the first thing we did extensively.

We performed:

  1. Footing Drain – a highly effective water drainage system. A pipe is installed around the perimeter of the foundation walls on level with the footing to collect any water and drains it away from the foundation walls to the garden.
  2. Water insulation of walls with bituminous mass
  3. Plastic protective layer to prevent the bituminous mass damage
  4. Styrofoam insulation

Installed water container

Water is like gold. Therefore, we know that it’s important to collect it for any use:

  • watering the garden
  • cleaning cars
  • using to flush the toilets
  • etc.

We installed a container to collect up to 10,000 liters. This allows to water the garden for at least 2 months of drought, day by day, keeping it green.


Installed Solar Panels (Photovoltaic)

Electricity is used everywhere, all day long. Green power makes it for FREE, or almost for free, because we need panels and other electrical elements of the system to collect FREE energy. Therefore, we installed 4000kWh photovoltaic panels to provide us with efficient energy for the whole year. We planned to switch to the off-grid system and store the energy in our own power plant to cut down the electricity costs to almost 0€ (zero). There is also a huge potential to improve the system with additional panels if needed.

Insulated to save energy

Good and proper thickness insulation keeps the warm and cold under control. Therefore, we used 25cm of high-quality double-layer wool to keep us cool during summer heat waves and warm with low heating consumption during winters. A stable temperature is crucial for our health and the comfort of living.

Solar collector heater

More energy savings with Solar Water Heater

The solar pressure collector with a built-in 240L tank meets the domestic hot water demand for 4-6 people. The installed system requires no control units, pumps, or expansion tanks for its operation. This makes it highly reliable and easy to operate and maintain. No more energy wasted on heating the water that generates even up to 30% of household costs.

Cleaned and fixed Façade

As with all buildings, with time, they need some fixes. This one required cleaning and a fix to the façade to protect it from water and wind penetration. All cracks and holes were sealed correctly as a preparation for painting.

Fixed wall

Painted white not only for a clean look

Of course, the look is very important, but at the same time, the paint protects from further destructive environmental impact. This is because the water and wind cannot penetrate the walls, and the house requires less maintenance. In the future, to refresh the look, it will need only painting – 1-2 days task not more often than 10 years. Right now, the maintenance is easy because the rain will clean the walls thanks to self-cleaning paint.

Organized the jungle

In this case, the beauty of the Garden was hidden by bushes and grass. Therefore, the Garden needed tidying up and restoring its functionality. With a massive effort, we have brought back a fabulous spacious garden with full potential for children and adults who want to enjoy the nice weather.

Watering system with sprinklers

Prepared garden watering system

A beautiful garden needs to be taken care of. That is why we installed a sprinkler irrigation system using rainwater from the container and planned the appropriate arrangement of individual elements of the garden to ensure the trouble-free operation of the lawn mower robot.

Prepared parking spots for the whole family

The first thing we noticed, after arriving at Brunssum, how limited are parking places. The situation might get complicated if we get some visitors or have more than one car or motorcycle. What is more, we might cause problems for our great neighbors. To avoid that, we prepared additional space for keeping any vehicle you might want to park: bicycle, motorcycle, car, or camper.

Parking spots

Windows – required for the highest energy savings

Windows are responsible for 10-25% of heat exchange. Therefore, new windows are required to achieve a highly efficient house, and we know about it. Our new windows with nice wooden trim and argon insulation are mounted with high standard materials and care to not introduce heat bridges.

Pergola – big deck to chillout

Evening dinner or sun tanning on your deck is very satisfying. We are almost ready to install a vast, 4x7m wooden pergola that you can arrange according to your needs. Now every day after work you will have a chance to enjoy the weather and relax with a preferred type of drink while looking at the beautiful garden.


Carport for convenience

To improve the water collecting system and make an excellent place for a bigger barbeque event in the garden, we made a designated area with a carport.

Cool place for the family during hot days

This is our favorite place during summer days. The tree gives us lovely shade, and we can sit there the whole day. It doesn’t get hot because of the air moving between the houses, and the shade is so satisfying. Our family loves to spend time in this spot, and the small white rocks resemble the sand on beautiful beaches. You have to come and see it by yourself.


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House for sale Brunssum, 6444KR, Maarstraat 9

We fixed all the major problems
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